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Subject : how i should act.......please tell me...
Question : hai there i got a big problem that i really don't know how to act when having sex,making love or romance with someone that i love.when the guy i love come near me like want kiss or anything, i become nevours and i dont reaspond. (i know this guy for 10 month) i try my best to reaspond but i cannot please advise me i feel shy to talk to anybody regarding this.
Posted by : devi
Posted on : 2004-10-25
Reply : If you want the same from him, you just keep quite. and you respond as he likes without talking and you dont restrict him to do. In the next minute you will be enjoying the situation and etc.
From : Kumar
On : 2005-03-11
Reply : It seems like you are worring too much about not being nervous around him and that makes you even more nervous. When you and your boyfriend are together you should try to relax and enjoy the moment. dont think about anything but how good it feels when he kisses you or touches you. Good luck
From : eli
On : 2004-10-31
Reply : just i think that u dn't like that guy because when ever oppsite sex person touches us are very close to us we get a feelings that cann't be described , more ever when known person r close to us more feelings ., just do onething first u realize that u loving that person it's very inportant that first u decide thtat how much i love him if u do this sure u will get answer
From : Prasad
On : 2004-10-30
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