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Subject : i have lost her
Question : i love somone, she also loves me but now i have got married so she wants to leave me for making my life easy and having no disturbance between my wife and me but i love her very much and she have left me what should i do to get her back, remember she is in overseas and she dont even seen me till now, our love was internet love we were express our love through chatting and wishing pls suggest me what should i do to get her back we both having great feelings for eachother so she want to make my life better and abandoned her love for my life, i cant leave her, pls tell me what should i do. i am looking forward to have a good suggetion from u, thanking you.
Posted by : karan patel
Posted on : 2004-10-20
Reply : Hmmm...alright. I cant believe I just read that. So funny how the male mind works. "Im married, and my internet girlfriend left me! What should I do!!?" I dont intend to seem insensitive or anything, but seriously yaar, lets take a look at your reality. First and foremost YOU ARE MARRIED! Therefore, whatever romantic feelings you may have had for anyone BEFORE your marriage are now null and void; you have to put them behind you. Instead of thinking about some woman in some other country that you have never even MET, let alone SEEN before, you need to concentrate on honoring your wife, and the life that the both of you are now a part of. Try to rid your mind of pure fancy, and put yourself in your wife's shoes. How would you feel if you were married to someone who could only wish to be with someone else?? Makes life seem pretty worthless doesnt it? Second of all, this may be a fact completely unknown to a guy such as yourself, but...women DO NOT want to be "the other woman" or a "home-wrecker". Out of respect for not only you and your wife, but for herself, your internet girlfriend has made a wise decision to LEAVE YOU ALONE. I suggest you pay her the same respect and let her get on with her life and find someone who loves her enough NOT to marry someone else. I also suggest you stop all of this nonsense ASAP before you drag your family's good name and your wife's honor through the mud; remember, this isnt just about you. Anyways...hope that could maybe give you some better perspective. As a side note...just imagine your internet girlfriend is fat and ugly...maybe she's even 97 years never know since you've never met or seen her. Are you willing to hurt yourself, your wife, your entire family for someone you basically know nothing about??
From : Dez
On : 2005-10-16
Reply : i'l tell u what 2 do.. give me her add, i'l mail her n find out whats going on and then in the end i'l keep her 2 myself cos ur married now.. am jokin, dont really want her add, but stop being an idiot.. she is not urs, shes som1 elses, u'v got ur wife.. answer this, u know ur not getting her yeh, but what would u do if ur wife leaves u 4 som1 else? or has an affair? ..NO, i dnt want tht 2 happen, but think about that, and u'l realise what ur doing 2 ur wife
From : D
On : 2005-07-11
Reply : Karan, my dear. what i would tell u . see man the fact is u still want to remember her. dont u think u r cheating 3 lives in one flip. still u have time. forget every thing. dont give urself time to think. make urslef busy.
From : prishin
On : 2005-06-23
Reply : I think you are a selfish person for thinking of just yourself. You are not thinking of your WIFE or the other woman you claim to love. You just want your cake and eat it too. I hope this girl find happiness somewhere else with someone who really loves her, she seem to be a desent person for wanting to forgot about you.
From : Untouchable
On : 2004-11-04
Reply : Karan, I am sorry but I cant belive what I am hearing here. If I read correctly, you said you are married to someone else and whine about having lost her?? Well what did u think? You would go ahead and get your (probably) arranged marriage and still have any kind of relationship with that other girl? Did u actually believe in such a possibility? Ususally, for ppl if someone gets married, then thye realize the relationship is over and how much thye meant or didnt mean ot that other person and go. Like she probably did. I dont understand you. What is it that you want and what is the point of you having any kind of relation with her when you are married (MARRIED!!!) to someone else? She doesnt wanna interfere and she probably doesnt want to continue spending and wasting her time and hurtingherself by loving someone who is having another life w/ someone else. OF course you lost her! What did you think? If you want her back and you really love her, then get a divorce (if you can) and go to her. I think you shouldnt have gotten married to someone else anyway in the first place if you loved somebody else. Did u know you would make your life miserable? I dont think it is fair of you to run after her still - after you got married ot someone else - and it is very odd how u act very confused and surprised that she doesnt wanna continue this sharade. What kind of a future did u think you were gonna have with her when you are married to someone else? Set your priorities straight and figure out what you want in your life...
From : Ridhima
On : 2004-11-02
Reply : listen..... u are married now and u must forget abt this gal if u wanna lead a happy life!!!! if u loved tht gal so much then why did u marry ur wife in the first place??? u r not only spoiling the gals life but also ur wife. think abt ur children in future. if u do go with ur ex galfrend then how ill she trust tht u wnt leave her for another gal??? dnt worry abt ur ex galfrend b'coz she will recover very soon... and so will u, it will take sum time but it will happen eventually!!! forget everything and learn to luv ur wife because now she depends on u she is ur life.... hope its been helpful and u make a wise decision....take care n god bless
From : sowmya
On : 2004-11-01
Reply : listen n dnt be so stupid!!!!! and u hve just got married, u shud think abt ur new wife and not ur ex galf frend. if u loved the other gal so much then why did u get married to ur wife, now ur not just spoiling the other gals life, ur also spoiling ur wife's life!!!!!!! k so now grow up n learn to live with ur wife!!! it will be hard at first to forget ur ex galfrend but its only best..... think abt ur kids in future... i hope u make a wise decision..... take care
From : sowmya
On : 2004-10-31
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