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Subject : I'm in love
Question : this might sound weird but I like indian guys. it just that I am facinated with indian culture most expecially the movie industry. My problem is how do I find an indian guy and is it appropriate for a girl to tell a boy how she feels about him because I was told that it's not appropriate because by doing that it's like the girl is desperate to have a boyfriend.
Posted by : Nicole Delancre
Posted on : 2004-10-06
Reply : hey gurl i tottally understand.i have the same problem.but u know what i did ask an indian guy out n we used to date but i broke up with him because he was getting too personal about everythin i did.
From : heather
On : 2006-02-22
Reply : hehehehe no dodos ...its ok if u want to tell an indian guy u like him, its also ok if u want to date me everything is the same ..just be urself and dont worry .....i blv u guys have a totally wrong perception of the indian culture....
From : tarun
On : 2005-11-30
Reply : jenna could b right! but hey things r changing. families r begining to accept!!
From : Asma
On : 2005-01-13
Reply : Friend is not Lover Okey my friend. Take CAre & bye bye
From : Haseeb
On : 2004-10-28
Reply : Hey yeah I like Indian guys too...I know what u mean. However, I wouldnt count on it though. Indians dont mary outside of their culture (caste even) and for them most white girls are some exotic objects to "try" and "test out". Unfortunately, no matter how great the culture, they are not very welcoming of non-Indians and sort of bigots on their own when it comes ot matters of heart and settling down...spare yourself lots of heart-ache and pain and leave it...I am speaking out of experience...
From : Jenna
On : 2004-10-17
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