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Subject : Marriage Vows - Woes or 'Wows'?
Question : Marriage Vows - Woes or 'Wows'? I say that the the institution of Marriage is now reduntant in todays age. Not only is this outdated system pro-males(Gender biased), it makes us females think we are some kind of commodity that is being traded. Right from the start of our lives we are taught househlold chores so that when we grow up we can serve our so called future new master and their blasted extended families. Our thoughts, activities etc. are all controlled so that we cannot break the shackles and are only groomed to the extent that we are able to serve the great Male master. Only we have to keep sacrificing everything and we have to curb our thoughts our feelings just to please the whims and fancies of our destiny controller--the great male buster. Its time we all break our shackles that exist only in our minds and live our life as we please, get married to people whom we please and control our destiny instead of sacrificing our life by becomeing a tradeble commodity.
Posted by : KIRTI SOLANKI London
Posted on : 2000-12-18
Reply : I don't think that in todays world something like this exist. In any relationship you give and take respect, you can not clap with one hand, you have to have two hands in order to do so. So might be somewhere it could be your fault as well. Talking about marriage, i have been brought up in US by indian parents. I did my all schooling there and still i had an arranged marriage and i am happy and very content with it. Where as i see people around me who had love marriage and they are suffering and facing the decisions they had made in their life. So good and bad can happen to anyone, its part of life, but i think one should know how to balance and always put your step down when you feel you are drifting away from your own self.
From : thinker
On : 2005-03-04
Reply : Gals Gals!! calm offense kala but its ur fault. i mean u fell in love with one guy and u shud know him very nicely b4 u get married. Love is blind. once v r in love, v try to ignore his bad habits. but open ur eyes and see wat kinda guy r u with.. Good guy in good family never dominates his wife.. ive seen it...
From : angelhrt
On : 2003-11-19
Reply : It is so true. Before marriage I too thought I have to have my own rights to choose my husband and so I did get married to the guy who loved me, (although my parents were not happy with my decision). But what happened later was the same old story. He too turned out to be a big master of all dirty games. Now when i quit my job and come to stay with me, he shows his real personality which is suffocating everyday. I am tired of this. I just wish I can get a divorce and live on my own like before. Again.... how much can I run in this MALE DOMINATED SOCIETY !!!
From : Kala
On : 2003-02-20
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