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Subject : confused weather he likes me or not...
Question : hi everyone... i hve a big prob n i need a lot of help in it..... basically i love this guy to bits, he's my cousin n he knows i love him but he does'nt give me any response but at the same time he is always foneing me n chattin to me n he is always tryin to sweet talk me.... n he takes pics of me frm my othr cousins and walk around with them in his pocket.... now in my family my parents wnt me to get married soon n they hve alredy strtd searching... i want this guy to respond to me as soon as possible so tht i can tell my parents abt him.... but im scared tht he mite not like me....plzzz tell me wat shud i do??/ shud i tell him how i feel????
Posted by : sowmya
Posted on : 2004-09-26
Reply : Im pretty sure he likes you too, its sooo obvious. If you cant approach him urself then just ask anutha cousin, ptreferebly a girl to simply enquire how he fels about you! That way uve got nowt to lose!
From : shaz
On : 2005-10-14
Reply : sowmya try communicate ur feeling to that guy may be he can understand you but in the mean while remember that he is ur cousin on the anothers side may be ur parents or his parents will not agree to this relationship.this will lead to tensions in the family which will not be fruitful for anyone so its better to forget ur love and live life
On : 2005-02-16
Reply : hello, look i m notb regular reader but i read ur problem there .so, i think he also likes u but he cannot do anything as he seems 2 b intelligent person but at same time he wants 2 flirt u.he is not talking 2 u as he is ur cousion but taking ur photograph this is not write. i think u sud leave him , if he had courage or had sum feeling then let him speak first.sory if u didnt like it.but i wanna help u
From : Gaurav Garg
On : 2004-09-29
Reply : Ofcourse dear, you have to tell him ur feelings before its too late. Whatever the answer atleast you will know what he feels instead of wondering the rest of ur life whether what you did was right or wrong. Trust me you never lose in love. If you think he loves you then you should tell him. All the best!!
From : Anu
On : 2004-09-29
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