Subject : Jealous from my small brother
Question : Isometimes feel jealous of my brother. he is wicked and my mom loves him more than me. he always takes advantage of it and hurts me in every way. he discourages me always. wht do i do?
Posted by : rymon
Posted on : 2004-09-24
Reply : Hi...Rymon.....Its true that mom's are more attached to one particular son among others. Though they don't agree sometimes. The only way you can go closer to your mom, is go close to your brother. Make him your best friend, i know its difficult initially but over the time you will see the difference. And you should not overrule that your mother doesn't love you. You will find her love towards you when you get married, and when you share your time with your wife. She would definetly like to spend her time with you then. I wish you all the best. Bye.
From : Saleem
On : 2004-12-03
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