Love & Romance
Subject : i lost her :(
Question : it all started whn iw as doin my grads th pace was indore ..she was always with me tryin to make me feel tht she loves me a lot thn any thin ..but yes now i u` stand y guys look stupid after a time..fer some reason i had to lev abroad fer studies ..n as usual i left i got so much into syudies tht i lost contact..but during my studies i dont know y she was with me all time n tht felling was so gr8 ..wel i tried to lok out fer her ,,but i couldnt th lastthin i know she`s in chandgarh but wat happend to why she did`nt try to contact me ..sim darlin plzz mail me dr ...if any one of u knwo bout this grl she`s Smita chatterge frm sindhri..
Posted by : tito
Posted on : 2004-09-15
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