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Question : hi... i am ammu and i am in a relationship where we broke up already and back together becaouse i couldnt foreget him so i asked and begged him to not to leave me .. after few months he told me that he will give me a chance.. his parents doesnt' like me..and my parents doesn't like him either. he also dont want to hurt his parents but becaue i am crying.. he is with me.. what shoud i do
Posted by : ammu
Posted on : 2004-09-11
Reply : You shouldn't have begged him to stay with you...because you demeaned youself in that way. If he had wanted to be with you, he would have asked you for being with him again...
From : anu
On : 2005-01-18
Reply : Get out of it. Apparently he is in it casue of compassion or cause he feels sorry for you, not cause he wants to and loves you - though I cannot tell for 100 percent. But get out of this ASAP and save yourself the humiliation and pain and torture of another breakup. U say he doesnt want ot hurt his parents but stays w/ you casue you cry..well this seems like a typical case of feeling sorry for you. He will do it later anyway. If he stays w/ you casue he loves you then that's another story but if he stays w/ you out of compassion and sympathy, then he will leave you eventually anyway so u might as well go...
From : P
On : 2004-10-13
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