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Question : Hi, I met Shyam through a matchmaking website. And we clicked well. Soon after he met my parents and they too agreed. After he left to US, there seem to be endless problems from his side of his family. They first asked my parents for dowry, being in an abroad country we didn't agree. Shyam too didn't like the idea and tried speaking to his parents and changing their mind. Shyam is the sole provider of his family of 6 which I didn't object. He intended to postphone the wedding to a later date due to his financial conditions. Now his parents feel the postphonement as a bad sign and has seen astrologers and have found ours incompatiable. My parents too got irritated and have told them off and called off the whole thing. But shyam is insitant on the wedding. He is calling my parents everyday and speaking to them. As for me, we still love each other, but I feel marriage is beyond love. I am worried about his family. I am born and brought up in foreign land. But have heard stories about in-laws in india trying to dig money. I am scared. Shyam is a perfect guy but his family is what that worries me. Can someone help to give me a solution for my confused mind please.
Posted by : shalu
Posted on : 2004-09-08
Reply : Hey Shalu, to be perfectly honest do you know what I see here? I see you guys being so worried and ur relationship ruined by the interferrence of other ppl who seem to have everything on their mind but your guys' happiness. I mean your boy friends' family asking for money scaring off your parents. Then your parents seeing all difficulties and giving you a hard time and in the middle of this you two are caught. I know family is important and all, but I think it was about time the two of you got together w/ your families and have a serious and assertive talk. I mean think abt it, it is your life, your future, and your love. Do you wanna have all that ruined by other ppl interferring all the time? Talk to your parents and tell them and have your fiance talktot his. Just casue he is getting married doesnt mean he cant provide for them or help them. All these problems are there cause the two of you are sort of letting thme push you around and back and forth as if your lives and love were a joke. Dont base your future on astrology and stars. Apparently his family saw they couldnt get any money out of you, so thye are trying to find all sorts of reasons to seperate you. All I think is: stop being their puppets. Do what you wanna do and if thye see ur happy and successfull thye will get behind you at some point.
From : Ladan
On : 2004-09-22
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