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Subject : Sex During Periods
Question : Is it safe to have Sex during Monthly periods? is their any medical problem if someone do that?
Posted by : Lilly
Posted on : 2004-08-23
Reply : sex during peroids is not advisible.. oz it usually cause many innfections
From : wasfee
On : 2005-01-18
Reply : Not only during periods but one week before and one week after the periods, its safe. And we have liberal sex during this period since last 10 yrs. Start doing this and enjoy the real sensual feelings.
From : harry
On : 2004-10-26
Reply : Sex during a period is really a matter of culture (in some cultures menstruation is considered 'unclean') and personal taste. Menstrual fluid consists of blood and tissue from the lining of the uterus (womb), with some of the normal 'friendly' bacteria from the vagina. It contains nothing dirty or harmful, so contact with menstrual fluid will not cause irritation of the penis or any other problems. The period is the least fertile time of the woman's cycle, so it is one of the safest times for avoiding pregnancy. However, it is possible to conceive at this time - sperm can live for 3 days, and ovulation could occur earlier than usual, so it might be possible for the sperm to meet up with an egg. To be safe, use contraception.
From : adam
On : 2004-09-20
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