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Question : dear friends Im from germany so my englisch isnt very good, so i hope u would forgive me for my bad english :P so my problem is that i have hairs on my whole body and i hate that because i like to go to swimming pool too like the other girls or i like to wear nice dress if u know what i mean:( I i am scared of using wax or to use raser because it makes the hair more harder ( i saw it on some girls ) and laser is to much expensive so what can i do ?????? i heard about a *hakim* in pakistan but do you girls think it would helps ?????
Posted by : pakichaya
Posted on : 2004-08-09
Reply : hi pakichaya this is faiza frpm pakistan i would advise u not to even think abt going for some hakim tips coz it just doesnt work and i think u can easily go for wax coz that a lot more easier way although u need to grown ur hair fully before getting a clean wax but believe me its alot better than laser or anything
From : faiza
On : 2005-05-13
Reply : hi pakichaya, have u tried using bleach cream jolen?? ur rite about not shaving but waxing does help and no it does work on some ppl like mine i wax my legs doesnt come out thick..wot abot threading?? hv u tried it..
From : sara
On : 2005-03-19
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