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Subject : One year will not play by herself
Question : My one year absolutely refuses to be on her own. For example she will cry all the way home if I happened to be driving. If I am home alone with her she will follow me around. The only time she will be on her own is if I put her favorite tv program on but even then she will come over to the kitchen to take a peek at what mummy is doing. Also she never blinks when she watches tv so I try and not let her see more than 30mins a day. Any ideas?
Posted by : Mayuri
Posted on : 2004-07-30
Reply : your daughter just needs interaction with other kids her age she does this because you are the only one she is seeing 24 hours a day. maybe if you have a nursery in yuor area you could put her there for a couple of morning so she has interaction with other chiildren her age and you could also have some free time
From : meera
On : 2006-02-14
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