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Question : i will have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years in october. he has no job and he tells me that he wants a family with me, but only when he is financialy stable. i know that he isn't cheating. when we fight he tells me that all he has me around for is sex, then he gets mad. he mooches off me, then when i'm broke he mooches off his parents we are both 19 with no children.
Posted by : scared person
Posted on : 2004-07-30
Reply : My shortest response would be: DUMP HIM!!Why? Because at 18 he is supposed to have PRIDE and atleast stand on his own two feet! If he was a gentleman, he would treat you with a lot of respect - not just use you for sex and money. Yes, sometimes circumstances force us to depend on our partners/boyfriends/girlfriends i.e. when you are temporarily out of a job. But believe me, in 2004 no one should say they cannot get a job and earn a living!! From loving him, you are giving him a 'Cushey' existence. He gets sex as well as money. WOW! What do you get? Just sex? Well that you can get from many more who will treat you with respect and as an equal. Who is the better half in your relationship? I agree that in love there should be only 'equal halves' or both are 'better halves' to each other. Have faith and courage. Be strong and tell him there are plenty of guys out there who are sensible and so there is no reason why you should put up with his shit! As for his parents, it is upto them to teach him some sense or let him 'milk' them till they are penniless! Even if you took the worst scenario: i.e dumped him, but could not find a suitable, loving, caring person you deserve - then it will still be worth it because you can say with your head high that you tried.
From : Atul
On : 2004-07-31
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