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Question : Hi Dear My boyfriend show love towards me a lot but he feel shy to say that i am his love instead of that he told me he has a crush on one teacher of our college .Will crush does not show that he want to engage with her or plzzzz plzzzzz tell me your opinion about CRUSH
Posted by : aarti
Posted on : 2004-07-29
Reply : You must be quite young.. Believe me at this age u can have an intense 'love' yearning for someone totally stranger or quite familiar.. It is called platonic love.. that is there is no action from the other one.. U are alone with your own fantasy.. But you have to be careful.. It must not overall you.. Yo must get out of it.. And about your boyfriend, it will definitely pass over.. be by him and be real to him.. he will soon be in the reality
From : Ousha
On : 2004-09-05
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