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Subject : Sexual Fettish
Question : I just had a bay 3months ago and I am breastfeeding my baby. My boyfriend(my baby's father)wants to have sex. Well,I don't mind that, I want it to. But, what i am concern about is that he wants to suck on breast and I keep telling him no and asking him to stop when it gets to that part. He asks why I don't like it any more and I told him that if I wasn't breast feeding then he could. He ask me what differance does that make. I was sleeping one night and woke up to him lightly sucking on one of my breasts and I asked him to stop and pushed him away. Then when I was trying to go back to sleep he was a tmy breast again sucking this time a little bit harder. I let him continue to keep him content. I guess my question is should I let this continue on or should I once and for all make him stop. I know I have enough milk for the baby but I don't know what to do. I know this a werid situation but is there anyone out there that nowsof some one or has experience this themselves that can give me some advice? Thank-you for whatever kind of advice that you can give me.
Posted by : Candy
Posted on : 2004-07-24
Reply : multi tasking, there is nothing wrong with being an excellent mother and an excellent wife. Take care of your babies needs, but dont forget your husbands. I too have a 3 month old baby boy... we wait till i have fed him and put him to sleep and then we have fun. Enjoy it... If anything it will help build your milk supply... You will be fine. Good luck
From : mari
On : 2005-10-31
Reply : Nothing new. this is old desire in men. let him, if u have sufficient. or request him to wait till ur baby starts to eat other food.
From : sagar
On : 2004-09-08
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