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Subject : Crush in India...
Question : A couple of years ago when i went to india...i met this guy who i am totally head over heels cousin took me over to his wife's house in kottayam so i could meet them, and there i met her parents and her brother..i have known this guy for about three years now, i've hung out with a couple of times, we still contact each other..but he doesn't know how much i like him..also another problem is he's in india and i'm in Canada..what should i do???
Posted by : Chitra
Posted on : 2004-07-20
Reply : yes i totally agree with nampi, u shud forget abt him as he is married already. i am sure chitra u can find a nice guy for urself in canada or may be in india sumwhere........
From : kudi
On : 2005-04-14
Reply : advice would be try and forget this crush as he is already into a married life. Pursuing your desire will only spoil a family and put him and the rest of his family members into a very deep hurt which would be difficult to forget. You will turn out to be a villan, which, I suppose no one wants to be...Think about your future as well..what changes could that bring in you...
From : Nampi
On : 2004-08-09
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