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Subject : confused???
Question : Me and my husband were going out past 6 yrs but in 2002 oct we came to know he suffering from leukamia we got engaged in nov though he persisted not to get engaged to him. He wanted to tell my parents but i refused ours was a love marraige so we got our parents agreed with great difficulty. last year we got married in july my parents still dont know about i dont want to loose him neither my parents a i am lost! my husbands situation is much better than before he is still on medication . what to do now if i tell my parents now they will never forgive me for this so iam quite did i do the right thing i love my husband very much!
Posted by : muskaan
Posted on : 2004-07-18
Reply : your husbands is so lucky that he has a loving wife like you. i think u should tell your parents because they should understand your situation because they know what a husband and wife relationship is all abuot,and don't blame your self.
From : saint
On : 2005-09-05
Reply : Awwww that is so sweet! It's cool that you have stood by your husband. I know it's not easy to tell your parents but they will come to know one day...why not get someone else to tell them?
From : Sangeeta
On : 2004-09-02
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