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Subject : Hair Mission
Question : Dear All My hair is naturally thick and dry. One memorable yet sad experience was when I tried out a new hair dresser. This guy was so bad he literally ''plucked out'' some of my hairs along the front just above my left-side forehead complaining afterwards there was too much hair he could deal with. That horrible experience left some areas in the front with thin hair growth and ultimately led to my hair growing curly and light-weight in those areas which did not compliment the whole ''abishek bachan' look i was so proud off. Nine months later, yesterday afternonn I went back to my old hair-dresser and this time I asked him to shave off my hair off completely right to the skin. This is plan where I hope (and pray to god) the growth of rejunavated healthy hair will emerge. In addition, I am using Dabur's Amla hair Oil with weekly applications tp further enhance my new hair growth with fresh nutrients from Dabur's trusted juice. My question is, do any of you think I can spark new hair growth in those areas that were ''plucked out'' from that bad experience and repair the damage? Would Dabur's Amla Oil will do the trick ?? Believer, Anoop
Posted by : ANooop
Posted on : 2004-07-04
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