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Subject : Friends & Lovers
Question : There's a very thin dividing line between friends & lovers. Sometimes gud frnds/buddies do become lovers. I'm in such a situation. I've lately developed some feelings towards one of my very gud frnd and she too consider me a very gud frnd. BUt does she have the same feeling towards me or not I'm not able to comprehend. Pls help
Posted by : Crazydude
Posted on : 2004-06-24
Reply : always care those wo care u
From : jado
On : 2005-02-06
Reply : Hi, luk the best thing 2 do is tel her tdat how u feel b4 it getz 2 late cuz i hvce personally seen happen 2 my m8 so my advice 2 u is tell her A.S.A.P n if she is ur best m8 she will stil b soo jus tel her k (i m rtely forcin u aint I lolz)
From : Anu
On : 2004-10-21
Reply : this is tough because u cud risk losin a reali gud friend if it all goes thing to do is talk to her and tell her how u are feeling otherwise u will never kno n who knos she may b feeling the same way about u!!!
From : jyoti
On : 2004-07-18
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