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Subject : i want to become fat
Question : good afternoon,i am bhavani annd my problem is that ia m very lean and thin,my friends call me skeleton.i dont want to be called in that way so pls reply me about how to become healthy and fat.ppl say me to eat lot of food ,but that is not my problem ,i eat full to my stomach,actually i guess this is genetic prob as my father and his mother r little thin.but they r not as thin as plz say me what to do and what t eat.thank u
Posted by : bhavani
Posted on : 2004-06-15
Reply : see bhavani i can understand your problem but i think u are in the lucky few who havem a nice figure and a flat stomach . so i would suggest that u become healthy but by healthy means . thankiyou
From : XYZ
On : 2004-12-30
Reply : Hi Bhavani u must try to eat more but properly and not to gulp down tons of calories which may cause problems afterwards.. The best advice i can give u is to consult a good MD and a nutritionist ..
From : oush
On : 2004-09-05
Reply : Hello Bhavani. So sorry to hear that degenerates call you names. If you feel that diet and quantity of food you eat are not a problem, then can I suggest that you may have a parasite in your tummy. It is a common problem generally ignored. The anti or de-worming treatments are simple and quick and non-invasive. So you could take the treatment and no friends/relatives need ever find out. Nor is there any need for internal examination by doctors incase you are embarrased. Good luck
From : Nalayak-Geezer (London)
On : 2004-08-08
Reply : hi there plzz do help me ,i was ok or looking better a year ago,because of my work tension and some problems i became thin,i dont like to eat rice,and i am a poor eater too but then i want to become fat,plzz help me i should some how become fat
From : Aarthi
On : 2004-07-28
Reply : eat lots and lots of fried foods and butter and lots of carbs
From : rebecca
On : 2004-07-22
Reply : eatin more is not goin to solve ur problem, it will cause more. the best way is to take up exercise to build up muscle and create a body that looks more toned. eating wise its best to stick to a healthy diet. dont eat fatty foods thinkin it will make u fat, it probably will but in the long run it is not gud for u. i hope this is helpful but as i am not an expert it is best to speak to a professional.
From : Jyoti
On : 2004-07-12
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