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Subject : paagal premi
Question : i m in love with a gal. when ever i see her i try to say hi, she does so. she even smiles. I have praised her a lot, tried to broad cast my feelings. She can see the LOVE on my eyes. But she is always on mobile phone. I think she is engaged. ANY ONE PLEASE TELL ME. 1. How shall i engage her in talking with me?2. How slowly shall i express?3. I know her number shall i call her ?ANY ONE PLEASE TELL ME IM ALONE HERE.....
Posted by : Sri Ranga
Posted on : 2004-06-12
Reply : hi paagal premi yes u r in love and you need to make your feeling clear by asking her out on a date.u won't konw wat she is feeling about u if you don't trie take care. good luck
From : saint
On : 2005-08-30
Reply : hey, dnt rush in2 it, get 2 no her first. become friends, and once you do that, u may realise u dnt like her in that way anymore. just take it slow, gals dont like 2 b rushed, plus u need to find out whether she is single or not!!
From : shaz
On : 2004-08-27
Reply : hi paagal premi if u love her i mean the proper love i think u should become her friend and then get close cause maybe u say it to her and she starts hating u u dont want that when u get close and u know that she likes u then tell her that u love her. not by saying hi and smilling at someone means that u love them or like them i hope u like my help.
From : kiran
On : 2004-06-23
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