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Subject : why men don't like fat/plump women
Question : hi,i just would like to know why men always like slim women only. is it because fat/plump women are so ugly or is there other reason.why men don't just look at her attitude and heart?
Posted by : lela
Posted on : 2004-06-01
Reply : Hmmmm...thats a good question. I really dont know the "correct" answer for this one. In my personal experience...most men like what everyone else likes or what the media portrays as "attractive". For example, all the women in movies, on TV, etc. are men, being as dumb as they usually are, think that ALL women should look like that, and if you dont look like that, then something's wrong with you. I live in the USA, and to be blunt, unless they're African American men, then ALL American men want a woman who is a size 2. What I dont understand is, the men here all complain that.."My girlfriend only eats salad....she doesnt eat enough"...etc...and at the same time they tell their women that they're fat. As a personal side note...Im really athletic (im in Law Enforcement, so my job requires me to run alot, and physicaly sebdue and detain people) yet, I havent gone on a date in a LONG time. All my guy friends say Im "gorgeous"...but say I dont hav a boyfriend because I need to lose weight. What weight do I have to lose??? Im all muscle!!! In my are just stupid!!!
From : Dez
On : 2005-08-31
Reply : Hi, Im a man who goes for a girl that loves me. i don't look at there size it only the lover between them that couts for me. Most men want a slim girl cause they think fat women are ugly i think about the inner beauty of the women. but thats me.
From : Daniel
On : 2005-05-27
Reply : didnt just write that?? Did you? This is by far the stupidest line of reasoning and concern I habe ever know...seriously. Inland fat, coastal area slim...since when does water quality have to do w/ weight? And who cares if she is fat or not? I mean try to figure out really meaningful ways to try to be happy with that person, like being able to talk to her and have a intelligent conversation with her (if possible) and be happy with her, rather than how she looks and if you will enjoying having sex with her...U know there goes more to marital happiness than f%^king right? Oh and Lela, I think he just answered your question about what truly matters...right?
From : Ridhima
On : 2004-12-25
Reply : I have one question regarding plump lady. I am going to get married to a plump girl. Currently see is not that attractive but when I saw her in the photo, which was not the latest, she was attractive in the old photo & I felt like getting married, but currently she is fat & doesnt look good at all. Actually she has increased her weight in the past 6 years & feels that if she stays in coastal area she will reduce her weight as currently she is staying in the interiors where due to climatic conditions & improper water supply has made her fat. I am really worried if after marriage I am going to be happy with her, like she will reduce her weight & will I be enjoying having sex with her. Anybody out her who can answer my treble??
From : Chettiar
On : 2004-11-05
Reply : a better question is why dont men like ugly hairy girls?
From : sani
On : 2004-10-14
Reply : hey thts not the case sometimes it even depends on luck may be the person whom u like willl always like u.but thats true that majority of them get in love with slim ones.but everyones choice is not same
From : priya
On : 2004-09-09
Reply : Hi All men in all situations does not hate fat women.When it comes to love any person should see only the heart and love of his wife/lover/girlfriend but when it comes to sex men always wanted the women to be slim.Men will get atracted to slim because thay are physical and women are metaphysical.
From : Teena
On : 2004-08-18
Reply : I have no idea what you are talking about I am a big beautiful woman and I have been with my share of men that were quite attractive I might add. I decided that I would not stress myself on trying to be a size 2 I am just me and if you don't like it well thats your problem. Right, now I am in a relationship with the sexist man i've ever met and i'm not just saying that either everyone wants him around here but, he only dates bbw's so skinny women need not apply.
From : Lena
On : 2004-08-15
Reply : there are many people u like fat.plump women , like me ............. good and kind heart is important than personalily. physic is not permenant
From : dude
On : 2004-08-08
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