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Subject : what should i do when boyfriend 1 2 come back???
Question : my boyfriend always hurts me n i am having a very bad time with my family. i dont want to lose him but due to his behaviour its hard to cope up with him. but if i stop seeing him and if i lose him and he comes back later and is sorry about everything; should i go back to him.
Posted by : prema
Posted on : 2004-05-14
Reply : A guy that acts bad with you does not deserve you. You can get a better guy. Someone that respects you. And supports you when you upset. My opinion. Your choice though.
From : Rish
On : 2006-01-05
Reply : hi prema, I think u should get rid of that relation.It will spoil ur life. i don't think it will work out in ur future better leave it. & find a good one.all the best
From : shilpa
On : 2004-07-26
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