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Subject : How easy is it?
Question : I'm in love with a Indian guy ( i'm not Indian myself) is it really hard to marry him? I live in the Untied States now, and i'm Muslim, but i love India and culture its music, i guess you can say i'm scared that this might fail...
Posted by : Zahra
Posted on : 2004-05-13
Reply : Bulls#*t..."love sees no religion, caste or creed." My Indian boy-friend who i loved more than anything in the world left me recently cause his family flat out told him that they would disown him if he even thought about a white girl...I am sorry but these things matter and for Indian families they matter especially. I guess it depends on how liberal or narrow-minded as well as selfish or uneducated your boy-friend's family is. If they are like my ex - really selfish, uncultured and uneducated, narrowminded bigots then you have no chances - especially if your boy-friend is easily influenced and emotionally blackmailed by their threats of disowning him and all. Otherwise you might have chances but over 80% of Indian families are like that so be very careful and dont burn your hand..I have learned a lesson for life and got hurt in the most cruel way so dont make a mistake. Good luck...
From : S
On : 2004-10-17
Reply : the only thing that may stand in ur way is family n it will b them who will hav to fall back on if u fail.however u say u love the guy and if the feelings mutual then the marriage will not fail.
From : jyoti
On : 2004-07-18
Reply : If you love this guy then nothing is difficult. love sees no religion, caste or creed. Go ahead and marry him.
From : Priyanshu
On : 2004-05-27
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