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Subject : should i propose her?
Question : i am from middle class. 20 old, eng student. i love one girl, from my IT classes, completed 2 yrs ago. i truly love her but never met her. she is from high class and she is 6 months older to me. I have her phone no. should i propose to her? how?
Posted by : ishwar
Posted on : 2004-04-11
Reply : I am middle class boy. I love a girl from high class. we met in comp. class. I want to marry her. No talk occured between us. Which words should i say to her to propose her on phone? Plz guide me.
From : Sagar
On : 2004-09-08
Reply : how do u kno that u love her if u havent met her? first step is to talk to her. u jus kno her by her looks, u need to get to kno the gal b4 u jump in at the deep end.also i agree with roshni, class n age does not mater.
From : jyoti
On : 2004-07-18
Reply : Ishwar, I love you for your guts and courage. Go for it buddy!
From : Meghna
On : 2004-06-29
Reply : Hi Ishwar, well i am posting from Holland and i saw your topic, if you really love her than you shut tell her that you love her, it doesn't matter if she is from high class, and age is just a number, we're living in 2004, that is not a isseu anymore goodluck
From : Roshni
On : 2004-06-15
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