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Subject : Lie or Truth
Question : I'm in courtship with my boyfriend for 2 weeks the Valentine's Day happened to be the 3rd week. the day was nice.Then on the 15th i got the shock of my life when i called my boyfriend his sister said that he has gone home to ask for another girl....He says it's a lie but his sister says it's true please help me to chose right!
Posted by : annie
Posted on : 2004-03-27
Reply : Annie, your boyfriend is cheating on you and do smth about it because if he loves you , he wouldn't go and ask for another girl. Break his heart before he does it to you. Be smart and good luck
From : Dori
On : 2004-10-07
Reply : Annie, for one have you ever thought maybe his sister doesn't like you at all and is maybe lieing to you just to brake you guys up? What was his answer when you asked him if it was true or not? Did he get mad at you if so then its true of what the sister is saying.If he acting werid or unusal then normal or if your catching him in little lies then theres something wrong. But If you really love him you will belieave him and be there for him no matter what. Dont worry I'm sure if he was messing arwound on you. Sooner or later you will find out.
From : Angel
On : 2004-06-20
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