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Subject : Indian-American??
Question : Hi, I'm new to this site, but love it already. Though my parents were Indian, I have grown up in America, and knowing only Americans, I feel awkward wearing Indian clothes. I love the styles, but know very little on Indian fashion. Plus, besides my looks, I don't really "feel" Indian, so in some ways I feel like a child playing "dress up" whenever I wear them. The rare times I'm with Indians, my only occasional concern is that I'm breaking some fashion rule. However, day-to-day life? I just feel like I stick even more than normal. My own family acts differently since they're not used to it. Any tips/thoughts?! :)
Posted by : A
Posted on : 2004-03-23
Reply : I can relate to you, since I was born and raised in America, but like Manti wonderfully put it, you have to learn to appreciate and embrace your culture and true roots. I look at it as being the best of both worlds and it'll be a shame to neglect one for the other. I wear American clothes daily, but on special occasions, I love dressing up in Indian clothes. And sometimes you can mix them up such as wearing shirts with bangles. These days, celebrities like Jennifer Lopez has been seen rocking a sari on the red carpet. You shouldn't force yourself to wear these, but intentionally want to wear them, so make sure you like the garments to begin with. If you still feel uncomfortable, there are many new things out that look so modern and quite similar to American garments, so look at all that desi fashion has to offer and I'm sure you will like something that you'll be dying to show off to your American friends.
From : Oh Mo
On : 2005-10-29
Reply : hi well i knw u should b proud of ur culture n da way we look bt i dnt fink dat wod change ur thoughts i suggest u wear straight cut trouser wid short kameez which wont make u feel weird coz dats wat i DO
From : azma
On : 2004-06-01
Reply : Hello, this response may be a little late but I just felt like replying anyway. You should be proud of your heritage at all times and know all about the history of Indian dress and culture for your people are beutiful and full of wonders. As an Americanized Indian you have the previlidge to dress up according to whatever suits you. My advice is you can always wear american style cloths everyday but for special occasions and when YOU decide it is appropiate you should always embrace your culture and be proud of it. Besides haven't you been looking at the cloths that have been selling all over in the fashion industry, it's Indian paisley style tunic shirts with jeans, long fringe skirts, and the shoes are beutifully embelished with trinkets and sequins or beads. It looks to me like America has embraced the beautiful styles of India. You should too.
From : Manti
On : 2004-04-28
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