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Question : my friend likes a guy and doesn't likes me anymore what should i do
Posted by : angel
Posted on : 2004-03-04
Reply : I love this guy, his name is Rajesh.His father owns a store, where he works with his brother and friend. I go to the store sometimes and i really like him, but i dont know how to tell him that i love him because everyone is always around. what should i do?
From : Babita Ramrup
On : 2005-11-16
Reply : Don't be so small to be bothered by this type of situation. Be the best and have this motto, Tu nahi to aur sahi. Nothing should affect your pace, live life in ur own way. Be up mate.
From : Harry
On : 2004-10-26
Reply : make over..maybe he willl notice you..or try to talk to him about what you feel.
From : aleli
On : 2004-06-14
Reply : You could elaborate on your problem. Maybe you could try answering the following questions yourself : 1. Do you like your so called "my friend"? 2. If yes, are you in love ? 3. Whats your friends opinion about you ? 4. Have you talked to each other about your "liking"?
From : Mili
On : 2004-03-27
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