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Subject : early ejaculation
Question : is there any natural way for delayed ejaculation
Posted by : bobby
Posted on : 2004-02-17
Reply : Dear Bobby, dont worry, have u visited any gym, if yes, go by sets i.e find out how many reps is ur max firstly, determine reps per set, u can do this all along a mars trip without ejection. no smoking or usage of nicotine in any form, 120 ml of alchoal max. 10 min of any cardio-vas exe every day. u can bed 10 in one go belive it. It is word from PHD in pre ejaculator from Home university (my wife). Now i am a mars triper and have full command and control over the joystick. if ur tired and in no mood dont doit. best of efforts sunny. do mail me the results, i will see to that u get over the hurdel.
On : 2004-05-15
Reply : The best way to fighting premature ejaculation is learning how to identify and control the sensations leading up to orgasm. You have to learn to control yourself and just as you are about to cum you have to withdraw yourself and allow yourself to partially lose your erection. Repeat these steps several times to get the hang of it. You will need the full support and co-operation of your partner.
From : Amit
On : 2004-05-04
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