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Subject : Please advise
Question : Me and my boyfriend have been together for about 2 1/2 years now. I am not indian but of Asian background. My boyfriend on the other hand is Punjabi. We are based in the US and we basically grew up in America. However, his parents are still very much in touch with their background. They have been looking and pursuing for the right Punjabi girl for him. Although he doesn't want to get married and have been avoiding the topic whenever his family brings it up. They are still looking either in the US or in India. He is scheduled to leave to go to India in March 2004. And I strongly believe that they will ask him to marry someone when he goes back home. I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and have not told anyone including my boyfriend and my family. I am not sure how I should handly this..if someone can give me some advise that would be helpful. Thanks.
Posted by : Madison
Posted on : 2004-02-16
Reply : I am an Asian woman who is dating a southern India guy. Somehow I feel that he does not know how to date a woman. He is careless in handling the relationship. We flight and he always call back for sex. I need to make an excuse to aviod him. It is hard to understand India men. They act in a mean way to woman.
From : Ling
On : 2006-02-12
Reply : You need to tell your boyfriend about your pregnancy. Because if he loves you, he will find a way. All will work out. Don't worry
From : Yelena
On : 2004-04-19
Reply : Well child is created by both of you so first of all you tell him about ur pragnancy.Second of all ask your self if he reallly loves you if your answer is yes then be strong and positive and wait for him to comeback by himself. In my personal view if he loves you and still in love with you he wonot do things to please his parents which may endup hurting you. IF HE DOES GET MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE THEN open ur eyes girl and move on as these dogs are not worth persuing. Goodluck
From : aprajita
On : 2004-03-04
Reply : Hello Madison,If your boyfriend loves you a lot then he would not follow the wierd culture they have in india. Its good that you let him know your situation and he can make decision out of it. Give him time and if he will still follow thier tradition then move on with your life, your baby is a blessing.
From : Mikee
On : 2004-03-02
Reply : Madison, Sorry this is not timely, I suppose. I am not Asian, and have dated at man from Southern India...Still considering me his girlfriend, he departed US on US "Valentine's Day" and is now married... What to tell you. If your man is of character, tell him. He will do the right thing.
From : Julia
On : 2004-02-29
Reply : hi there...v were shocked to hear about the plight u r in....v understand ur situation...... dont worry much, v think u should 1t tell ur bf...coz it is impt for him to knw....then v r sure u both can work out a way together.....v feel tht once his parents as well as urs knw about ur situation they'll surely help u out.. all the best and im sure god will b at ur side!!! god bless!!!
From : 3 angels
On : 2004-02-29
Reply : Hi there.. First thing to do would be to tell your boy-friend about the preganancy. He has the right to know plus it iwll take a lot of load off of you also. Being from the Indian culture I can asure you that once his parents find out they will pursue marriage very strongly. As having a child out of wedlock is completely forbidden in the cultture. So next you have to ask yourself if you are ready for marriage. Dont worry so much about parents wanting a "punjabi girl". Every indian parents (including mine) always prefer someone from the culture. Its upto you bf and you to convince them otherwise. It may take some time and lots of patience.. but in your case I think things will be not that bad.. since a child is involved. Hope this helps! Good luck!
From : jrzygirl
On : 2004-02-24
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