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Subject : What's love?
Question : Can someone tell me the defintion of love?
Posted by : Jonathan
Posted on : 2004-02-16
Reply : well hey any one can call love "LOVE" cuz people take love two ways love and hate and even if your parents dont like ur girlfriend or boyfriend ur not gonna break up with that person just b cuz ur mom or dad does not like them.....
From : chasity barajas
On : 2006-02-23
Reply : hi well what i wanna say is that when you see someone your not gonna stop watching that person and love is when you trust that person and when that person trusts you and ya like can help but to be around each other and talk abou each other when its time you will feel that person or someone is for you
From : nurto
On : 2006-01-04
Reply : Well, I don't think that love is to lose oneself in the thoughts of one's beloved. On the contrary true love allows us to concentrate even more on our works, because it gives us a rock solid security that there is someone who cares for me..., someone who will support me through thick and thin..., some one who will even sacrifice her life for me. I can proudly say that love has indeed helped me to give my best in everything I do. Love is indeed that beautiful feeling that lasts a lifetime. Love takes a long time (believe me really long!!!) to come. But once it comes, it never goes
From : amar
On : 2004-06-04
Reply : God
From : LiCo
On : 2004-05-04
Reply : hi johnathan! well the definition of love is: to loose urself completely in the thoughts of another..every moment u r doing something that u dun even realise u r doing! i know it sounds wierd...its not mine..stole from my am yet to fall in love ...only 16..but i guess we develop our own definitions as we fall in love...
From : arya
On : 2004-04-24
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