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Subject : Lost a online friend
Question : I did something that i shouldn't have done concerning yahoo offline messages & i explained to my online love what i had done & now he won't talk to me muchless e-mail me OR respond to me ALL because i have accidentally sent a message on my new yahoo id that this guy created for me & now this guy is mad at me for sending a offline message on our private yahoo id to another guy but when it was already done i said oops mistake & sent message from wrong yahoo id cause i have two of them, well im mostly referring to the new yahoo id. So what OR how do i get my online love back & talking to me i gotta get his attention some how does anyone have anything that REALLY works? HELP A.S.A.P.!!!!
Posted by : Barbwire
Posted on : 2004-01-27
Reply : you should not have online love, i did the same stupid thing, now my boyfriend broke up with me. dont make this mistake again.
From : j
On : 2005-10-20
Reply : online love you must be kidding, donot worry man find someone real and stop living virtual life. Goodluck
From : aprajita
On : 2004-03-04
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