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Subject : Cultural Issue Question
Question : I've wondered about this for a few years, but never knew who to ask. Here goes: What sort of reaction would an Indian female have to non-Indians wearing your style of clothes (saree, salwar kameez, etc.?) I ask because I think it's absolutely beautiful clothing, much more so than the usual blouses/skirts/dresses/pants, etc. that is the norm. If the opportunity came up, I'd want to buy a couple outfits. At this point, though, I wouldn't, due to being afraid that I might be 'crossing the line' or offending someone. Your viewpoints and oppinions would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by : N
Posted on : 2004-01-25
Reply : I'm so glad N asked that question. I was wondering the same thing. And I am so glad to hear A's response! I think Indian fashion is so gorgeous! I realy apreciate the colors, lines, and textures of the pieces. I wanted to wear it myself but was unsure if it was appropriate for an American gal like me to wear. So I'm glad to hear that if I wear the style, it will be percieved as honoring the culture as I would intend it to. :) thanks!
From : S-
On : 2004-10-04
Reply : Being an Indian female myself, I'll try to help you out :) but I must warn you, I've lived all my life in America and probably have a tainted view. I think most Indian women would feel honored that you prefered their style. but personally? I would LOVE to see Caucasians wearing Indian outfits because it would help me not to feel like I stand out so much when I wear mine! Over the years, I've met several American women who occasionally wear Asian dress simply because they love it. So, go for it, girl! :) Find what looks good on you and enjoy it!! Best wishes!
From : A
On : 2004-03-23
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