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Subject : Pragnency
Question : Hi, My wife is pregnant from last 3 month's. But now we deside that we don't want child now. What should i do ? Doctor told me that abortion is not possible at this stage.
Posted by : Harish
Posted on : 2004-01-16
Reply : its ur personal decision whether to continue or not but it woud be better if u dedcided before conciveing
From : vijay pampnan
On : 2005-12-29
Reply : Thats not the worst. I am from a Caribbean Community(Guyana) and most of all I respect the Indian culture from persons who are migrants from India. Just go for the other child. Abortion is a Caribbean Indian thing.(Trinidad and Guyana)
From : Sunil
On : 2004-11-03
Reply : I agree with every other reply---please bring this child into this world and let someone else love him/her if you & your wife do not want the baby. This baby is a real person now and deserves a chance at a is not for you to decide to end its life!!!!
From : anjali
On : 2004-10-22
Reply : It's normal to be afraid of what is ahead. Your life I am sure feels very out of control at this time. Don't do anything drastic like taking the life of a living being. If having a child is not for you, let someone else have a beautiful blessing. No child is a bad thing or a mistake, they are the biggest blessing known to man. Take a deep breath and think about the future that your child can have. Whether it be with you and your wife, or another couple. God bless
From : Harish
On : 2004-09-02
Reply : hey harish this is too much u r killing a person which is not still in this world.still in ur thoughts.
From : neha kabra
On : 2004-07-27
Reply : hey *******, you should be grateful your wife is pregnant you stupid ********.....some people can't have babies, so if you don't want it, then give it up for adoption,you know, it's ignorant people like you that make this world look bad!!!!
From : jesseca Ritchie
On : 2004-06-01
Reply : hey harish...why do u think like this....i know some people are very desparate to have a child...i dont know whats wrong with u.....dont do any thing to u r happy
From : vijaya
On : 2004-03-01
Reply : You should seek a psychiatrist.
From : Roopa
On : 2004-02-13
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