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Question : my hair is very dry and sumtimes it falls. i also have dandruff and tough to remove 'em. i tried applyin curds on my hair but its still there. i want to have a healthy shiny thick hair.. pls tell me wat kinda food shud i eat and wat shud i do 2 my hair..i dont like using chemical products, i heard that it damages ur hair so pls tell me natural way 2 make my hair shiny healthy bouncy thick thnx alot
Posted by : angelhrt
Posted on : 2003-11-13
Reply : MY HAIR IS very hard. i dont have a soft hair. i want my hair to be soft and long. and it sould look beautiful.. can u help me make my hair soft,long and beautiful?
From : yasmine Asary
On : 2006-01-12
Reply : i donn want thick hair.actually my friends and my family love mah hair coz its very think and bouncy but i want soft silky thin hairs so that i can leave them give me suggestions.waiting for ur response
From : prishi
On : 2005-06-30
Reply : my hair is very dull ,dry,and very thick with dandruff.i want my hair to be soft nourishing and healthy without dandruff,so plz give the advise to get rid of my problem
From : bhavani
On : 2004-06-15
Reply : Hi!! to have healthy black hair should should warm up coconu oil and add some curry leaves to it keep heating until the curry leaves turn black then let it cool so its comfortably warm and apply to your hair. Almond oil is a great thing too. You should also try to change your shampoo and apply conditioner thouroughly.
From : sargam
On : 2003-11-20
Reply : The only way of having shiny thick hair is to have proper dietwith essential nutrients. You diet should be rich with proteins and minerals. Eat lots of green vegetable and fruits supplemented with foods such as milk, vegetable oils, honey, wheat germ, yeast, eggs and liver. To get rid of the dryness in your hair apply safflower oil.
From : Kajol Kiran
On : 2003-11-14
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