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Question : i am mbbs 2nd year student and i am 20 years problem is that i live in hostel, but the fool given is not so hygenic and good. i am very diet concious ,i feel that day by day i am losing my freshness,charm and i m losing weight...........i am very worried about my health and diet ,i do't want to eat any thing. now days i m only eating fruits,juices, and fast food.what should i do , please help me >?i am studying in China..........and i do't like chinese food also?
Posted by : sherry
Posted on : 2003-11-07
Reply : chinese food are so delicious, how can u not like it. anyway..try making indian food or the food u like at home. eating fruits and veg r good. one of my friend takes indian masalas to russia(russian food r nasty) and cook. u can also make quick omelet sandwich but 2 much eggs rnt good.. try 2 make quick sandwich or drink homemade smoothie.. i hope it helps.
From : angelhrt
On : 2003-11-13
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