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Subject : hair fall
Question : Hi I am suffering from hair fall since last two years. Now it is already so thin and dull. I have been to the doctor and have been taking pills, still it has not stopped. Can anyone help?
Posted by : angeli
Posted on : 2003-11-04
Reply : Hi I am suffering from hair fall since last two years. Now it is already so thin and dull.
From : uzma
On : 2005-12-01
Reply : I used to have hair loss problems but I started to use oil that contains "coconut, amla, lemon and henna" I think the name of that oil is vatinka. Its the best. Apply it in your hair at night and wash your hair in the morning. I use "head and shoulders" shampoo this one is for oily hair. its really good. My hair are natuarlly oily so this shampoo really works. I have thick, long, silcky hair and I like blow drying as well. DON'T blow dry your hair with hot air. If your dryer has "cold" air then use it. Cold air (hair dryers) are good becuase hot hair damages hair. wash your hair every other day. I hope it helps.
From : Hina
On : 2005-05-06
Reply : Hi friends try KERAVANS SILICA tablets from Denmark,there will grov new hairs on your head within a month . I have try them , that why i am sure , you cant get anything better.Nirman
From : nirman
On : 2005-04-02
Reply : hello i am having a problem its hair falling how could it stop. what should i take or what should i use to stop it
From : madhvi
On : 2004-09-06
Reply : take pills for it....go to the doctor, and also they have a rogain for women.....hope it helps
From : noneya
On : 2004-06-01
Reply : hi i kno hair is precios 2 us girls bt sufferin 4m a hair loss can b a problem i used 2 get it bt start usin baby shampoo n pantene conditioner n once in a week apply oil in ur hair n watch in 2 weeks ur hair will b perfect like mine
From : azma
On : 2004-05-11
Reply : hiya, u kno i have the same problem, its gotten to the point now that its too embarrasing.i dont even feel like going out anymore.its not hereditary and the doctors cant seem to help. its stressing me out so much that its probably affecting it.i dont have bald patches but its blatantly obvious that eventually i will be bald altogether! and im only 20! i want to have thick lucious hair that blows in the wind...not blows away in the wind! help!!!!
From : sehar
On : 2004-01-11
Reply : Hair fall can be due to number of reasons but if it is being caused because of heredity then u really cant do anything about it. If the loss is due to poor diet then start having adequate essential nutrients in the daily diet. You diet should be rich with proteins and minerals. Take dietary supplements such as Vitamin B6, protien & Silica. Keep ur scalp clean by shampooing daily if required. Try drinking this - blend bananas with honey, yoghurt & low-fat milk.
From : Kajol Kiran
On : 2003-11-14
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