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Subject : PIMPLES
Question : HI,I'm having problems with my pimples.It does not seem to dissapear.I tried using all kind of facial but it still does not work.WHAT SHOULD I DO???
Posted by : lishana
Posted on : 2003-10-28
Reply : Hi! if you want to get rid of your marks, scars from pimples you should try vitami-e oil it helps alot. it's working for me so far....i'm happy with it and i hope it will work for you too.
From : ji ji
On : 2005-10-20
Reply : I have the same problem. Go see your docter or dermatologist, they may be able to perscribe some treatments. I did this, and most of my acne has dissapeared! Good luck!
From : Ally
On : 2005-05-12
Reply : I had pimples when i started puberty.. that when i was a 12 or something.. I had pimples for 2 or more years..K? so.. my bought this stuff called "Proactiv" and it really works and I don't get pimples anymore .. so.. there is some info.. kool Now .. im 16 an have none
From : farah
On : 2004-11-03
Reply : Steam face using castor oil for 10 minutes. Wipe off and put on the paste. Use neem powder mix with a little turmeric powder make a paste. After steaming your face for about 5 minutes put on the paste and relax for 30 minutes until hard. Get a hot towel and wash off. Do for a week everyday. Great results
From : pamela
On : 2004-10-06
Reply : take baths more frequently and and avoid chemically treated solutions for pimples. Just use the white vaselines. Have professionally done facials every few months. And wash face more often in hot water, it reduces oily skin. Regularly use apricot scrub to wash face.
From : gal
On : 2004-08-18
Reply : avoid eating oily and fatty foods..try fruits and veggies, and drink lots of water..and maybe its the make up ur using?! maybe ur allergic to it, try hypoallergnic products like clinique.also try GLYCERINE soap, it sure does wonders :) and avoid the sun, and just wash ur face often..
From : aleli
On : 2004-06-14
Reply : Hello! I have been suffering from acne for quite a while and I can sincerely say that you need the help of doctors. If you have a serious problem over a long period of time, do not hesitate to go to a dermatologist. They can prescribe medications that are not available over the counter. For your part, do not squeeze pimples and do not scratch them. Stick to a healthy diet and drink lots of water.
From : Ellie
On : 2004-05-11
Reply : stop eating choclates i know this is stupid but trust me it helps
From : azma
On : 2004-05-11
Reply : Hi, I have got lots of pimples from 4 years.I drink lots of water,fresh fruits,did lots of care ,but it is not going;andthe marks are also there.
From : Karuna
On : 2004-02-29
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