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Question : why it is important to name a relationship, don't you think as soon you start to name a relations, certain expectations come with it, and eventually you start loosing charm, but if untill you don't name it, there is excitement and adventure, two humans can share many more things without giving a name to their relationships, i have seen this happening many times, what you guys think ?
Posted by : MUSAFIR
Posted on : 2003-10-19
Reply : I am a christian girl and i will be marrying my hindu boyfriend next year. My parents insist the wedding be in a church. Are inter-religion marriages allowed in church?
From : sneha
On : 2005-12-08
Reply : I think you are right. But giving name by each other by love have more satisfy in some how so if you call your girl like rose or whatever she likes is the most enjoiment for most girl
From : Maung Naung
On : 2004-06-07
Reply : First and foremost , i guess the discussion was not only on "love". There are other emotions in relationships such as trust and understanding. It depends on an individual whether he/she rates all the emotions as same or different. Personally i would prefer to have a meaning for all these emotions in relationships. Thats what makes relationships strongly linked to life. Now expectations. I agree to a certain extent that expectations do arise in any relationship. You name it once you feel its true and valuable. The best way to name a relationship is find your definition for your expectation, understand your limits, discuss with the other person when you feel you have to and absorb the truth of life with the outcome of your discussion.
From : Mili
On : 2004-03-27
Reply : Well, i think every relationship has to have a name. After all all relationships are based on love so whats wrong in naming it. Regarding expectations well thats part and parcel of life. Once you love a person you are bound to expect love in return, dont u?
From : Manish
On : 2003-11-14
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