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Subject : i am seeking for a true love
Question : i am seeking true love. Does it exist?
Posted by : sameerandas
Posted on : 2003-10-17
Reply : do not give up look around. Love is not a given you have to work at it.
From : fern
On : 2005-10-13
Reply : i kinda agree wi all dem bout true luv aint true. bt if ya tink bout it sum guyz r real sweet n do believ in true luv demselves. so itz just finding da fukin guy init.
From : sannah
On : 2005-06-05
Reply : there is no true love believe me... so dont waste ur time on something that doesnt exist...
From : sanjana
On : 2005-04-26
Reply : Hi I am pallavi .. I think This way abt love .. I hope u guys also agree with this Love does exist! There are great loves in the world today, and they don't just reside in fairy tales. Often they have little to do with rich mansions and white horses. Real love has to do with an average person being truthful, honest, and loving against all odds.
From : pallavi
On : 2005-04-25
Reply : hi iam siddhi. i dont beleive that there is a "true love" because when i wanted to have a serious ealtionship with a guy in other words i wanted to ahev a true love, the fact was that they were there for me but just for my body...i guess sexual attraction. they have no feelings/they dont care about our feelng too they just go by how you look and want just one thing from you,,,, fun and pleasure... and if you dont agree with them then they will never even call you/avoid you.
From : siddhi
On : 2005-04-11
Reply : True love exists...Belive me...When I started thinking that there is no love in the world and people fall in love only for sexual attraction or imagination, I met a guy whom I love now and who loves me...I think it's true love... Don't worry one day you will meet someone worthy falling in love with (unexpected!!!)
From : ANU
On : 2005-01-18
Reply : hi i wanna to say no true love in this life
From : sapna
On : 2004-12-29
Reply : it is everelasting shine
From : anshu mathew
On : 2004-11-04
Reply : No it is all nonsense. It is only real in movies so dont waste your time...
From : L
On : 2004-09-22
Reply : yes true luv exists. but u have to know to recognise and acknowledge it.
From : anupriya
On : 2003-11-14
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