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Question : i would like u to tell me somthing about how the indian fashion designers have influenced the indian trends between the year 1990-2003. how they helped in changing the trends of indian fashion . the way the cinema has influenced tell me how the designers have influenced . i would really be obliged if u can give me some information on this topic i really want to know about it thank you aiman sabri
Posted by : aiman sabri
Posted on : 2003-10-07
Reply : hi,im in 6 grade. most ppl say im a trensetter. but,lately,im the 1 with the clothing problems. i like my jeans tite in my butt,and thighs but not the stomach.i hate baggy jeans.i feel like a boy.HELP!
From : hannah
On : 2005-01-30
Reply : Hey Aiman, Very interesting question. I feel that fashion industry of india is not responsible for the current trends or the transition that began in 1990. Films have always influences the masses but when cable tv picked up pace is when people began to notice fashion besides the movies. That is the time when the Indian Fashion designers grabbed the opportunity and came into the limelight. Indian designers are very talented, but nothing so unique that you may leave your jaw hanging. They tend to copy basic designs from international designers but incorporate them with Indian colors, embroidary, motifs etc. Tarun T was a good designer initially but has gotten caught in the rutt. JJV is great too.
From : Geet
On : 2003-10-21
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