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Subject : Secret admire
Question : you knew that the boy loves you as per the way he chats and jokes with you but he never asks you out ............ what will you do?
Posted by : cossy
Posted on : 2003-08-29
Reply : We were gud frenz & then he proposed me but after tht there was some misunderstanding nd so i stopped talking to him but still we both love each other,both r hurted by each other so wht shud i do now?,can we be frenz or lovers like before?coz to maintain tht relationship like before is not so easy 4 me now nd also i can't forget him but will i be able to control my emotions during our frendship.Plzz reply me soon.
From : muskaan
On : 2004-12-14
Reply : thts exactly wats happenin to me now... n trust me i know how hard it is coz if u do pluck up ur courage n ask the guy, thn he mite jus turn around n tell u tht he was jus bein friendly thts wateva u decide to do take ur time n think wisely......
From : sowmya
On : 2004-10-28
Reply : well i think if his flirtin wit u u should flirt back so he will get confused and then if he tells u soemthin like that he likes just said ''i don't like boys who flirts a lot'' after that he won't flirt no more well at least in ur face he won't if u do that is goin to work trust me i didn that once and it worked.
From : betty
On : 2004-07-07
Reply : tell him how ya feel
From : taniya
On : 2004-05-11
Reply : I say that maybe the boy is just too nervous to ask you out, so you should drop alot of big hints telling him that you do like him and you will say yes if they asked you. Most boys, well the ones that accualy want a serious relationship take their time to ask someone out so that thye feel that it will work out.
From : BAL
On : 2004-02-07
Reply : sumtimes we make mistakes wen we think dat 1 admirez uz secretly, wen dey r just 1 big flirt. cossy watever u do remember dat at de end of da day u will owli hurt ur self coz trust me ladz have no heart so he won't give a dam n he'll move on as though nothin happened.
From : nahima
On : 2003-11-01
Reply : Well, if I were you then I would stop giving importance to him for a while or talk about another guy (but not so intimate) in front of him....that will make him a bit nervous about the whole thing and he may crack up and tell you what he feels. Keep Smiling, because it's the second most beautiful thing you can do with your lips..!! -----Vikash-----
From : Vikash
On : 2003-09-19
Reply : Well, if this flirting is face to face, I would flirt back and drop big fat hints and if it did not work. I would just kiss him :) Try it if u have not already
From : GM
On : 2003-09-16
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