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Subject : Fair skin
Question : I have wheatish complexion, what can I do to become fair and glowing ? I suffered from sunburn in my childhood, can I change my complexion significantly to fair skin?
Posted by : Prithika
Posted on : 2003-08-15
Reply : There's a lot more to beauty than skin tone. Beauty comes in all different colors!!! Be proud of your place in the rainbow.
From : Depali
On : 2006-02-15
Reply : You ladies are crazy!!! Do you know hw much money women in countries such as america and brazil waste on finding ways to become DARKER!!?? Companies make a killing in america on products used to prolong a tan, how to get a better tan, taning beds, verious oils and darkening creams...heck...women even SPRAY ON tan. I dont get it! None of you need to change ANYTHING about yourselves. You're ALL beautiful! When you look in the mirror and you see in yourself those shades of wheat, gold, almond, chocolate, honey, etc and say.."I AM beautiful!!" Shoot...Im one of the pale people, and here in the USA I get made fun of all the time..."you look sick! Get some sun!"...."dang, you're pale!! thats gross!!" I would kill to have your complexions!! Oh to be able to wear shorts or a t-shirt without someone making a comment on how pale I am!!! I agree with the person who posted somthing about your complexion not determining your social caste..and that no matter what you do to yourselves to change your CANNOT change your ethnicity nor who you are.
From : dez
On : 2005-10-16
Reply : i need help!!!! i want to lighten my skin using natural things can someone please tell me what natural things i can use?
From : Tina
On : 2005-10-06
Reply : i used to be crazy about finding ways to ligghten my skin.. i would never go to the extreme of using pills tho, that sounds a bit wack... fair and lovely soap works amazing, sont use it if u have dry skin sicne it tends to dry you out... good luck, hope it works...
From : anita
On : 2005-08-21
Reply : Hey ladies,i am of black origin but people here do like my skin.I use fair and balance creme and lotion which i mix with extra virgin olive oil.This creme whitens the skin but has natural ingredients(alpha hydroxyl acid from flowers and fruits)its an anti-aging has made miracles,remember use it nite and day
From : Hellen
On : 2005-02-17
Reply : the most effective skin whitening so far right now is the super whitening pill(l-glutathione) see results in asa early as 4-8weeks,, I have used it and really did my skin became light month after month go to there site
From : itart
On : 2004-09-16
Reply : Whoaa....I am sorry but you guys are crazy. Why is it so important that you have lighter skin and why would you go through all this senseless torture? I mean I noticed you ppl in India are almost obsessed with skin color and complexion. This is ridiculous: the pigments of your skin dont give you more or less worth. Your qualities as a human being and how you behave towards others and treat the ppl around you, what you accomplish and how you contribute to the world around you are the things that truly matter - not the pigmentation of your skin. I mean seriously, going to the dermatologist, and having them prescribe you stuff to lighten your skin and buying all these creams and serums... ...pah! Accept it people, you can change a lot of things about yourselves if you are unhappy - hair color, put on make up, lose weight, get plastic surgery if absolutely necessary....but you cant change one thing: your ethnicity. This is just who you are. Period. Dark complexion. Accept it and move on...there are many beautiful women (Indian women) w/ dark makes you who you are and sets you apart from the rest of the ?herd?. Stop imitating the ?white man? and have an identity of your own...
From : L.
On : 2004-08-17
Reply : Try to search for "Pearl Powder". It's cheap and effective. You can use it externally/internally. My girlfriend used it and made wonders to her skin.... .just here to help!
From : ShreK
On : 2004-06-15
Reply : ladies!!!be proud and be happy of ur complexion!others would die to have ur skin tone :) whitening products can be really dangerous and harmful to your skin, so if i wer you dont take the risk, you might regret it :)
From : aleli
On : 2004-06-14
Reply : hi, i have dark comlexion,and my skin is also oily plzzzz help me . i m form pak i hope u 'll help meeeeeeeeeeee
From : abira
On : 2004-05-27
Reply : dear freinds, where can i get those skin whitening pills? please hepl? do they help really? i'm from germany, so i gues here it's impossible to get even cosmetic for colored women of all countries. Where can i get it online? dearest people help me. vathana
From : skin whitening Pill
On : 2004-05-18
Reply : I am a dermatologist and I usually prescribe a hydroxyanisole-tretinoin formula (made by our pharmacist)for skin whitening and the treatment of melasma etc. The product has a potent skin whitening effect.
From : kasraee
On : 2004-05-15
Reply : hi, wash ur face in da mornin n b4 goin to sleep n only add baby lotion or vaseline den once in a week b4 goin 2 hav a shower get gram flower put a little bit of red chilli powder n a bit milk n apply it 2 ur face like a scrub 4 up 2 5 mins n wash it ouut
From : azma
On : 2004-05-11
Reply : i use vicco and my skin is natural beauty.. coz vicco has natural ingredients...ur face will have a good complexion and i dont think fair n lovely is good it made me fair but skin rough i think it gives pimples also.. so try VICCO
From : angelhrt
On : 2003-11-13
Reply : Ladies, Ladies!!! Please be PROUD of your complexion.. most Americans would DIE to have tanned skin like us Desis. Do not be ashamed of what God has given you. Be proud of your skin, and don't let anyone ever tell you that you need to change.
From : Sathi
On : 2003-11-10
Reply : Hei I was wonderin how do i get the L-GLUTATHIONE??? I wanna try it. Is it available in Malaysia?
From : lishana
On : 2003-10-28
Reply : Pratika, I am not sure if this would work, but a good sun-screen, say SPF 30 (every time you step out into the Sun- even in winter!) might help you get back your fair skin. ABC
From : ...
On : 2003-09-10
Reply : try takin skin whitening pill,L-GLUTATHIONE , wiht 1000 mg vit c . but you start see results in 7mths or maybe earlier.
From : s
On : 2003-08-22
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