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Subject : soul mate after marriage
Question : will u spent the rest of ur life wid the man who has crushed ur soul spolied ur ego and have poor intimate relationship in every sense....ur hubby father of ur child.or will go for the soulmate u just find and transformed u completly in a better person u dn wanna losse at any cost....confused.....answer from heart
Posted by : simrun
Posted on : 2003-07-19
Reply : Sim..just follow ur heart..
From : mithun
On : 2004-02-16
Reply : Simran,follow your heart
From : ish
On : 2004-01-09
Reply : Simrun, listen to your heart and follow your feelings. Your child will also be happier with a happy mother. Life is too short to live it without love.
From : Diane
On : 2003-08-17
Reply : simrun, if u did not have a child i would say get a divorce and be with the man u love, i guess u have to think about ur child and u in the case, if ur new found love can be a better father to ur child than ur husband then even better, i personally left my husband for similar reasons but it was easier for me to decide as i did not have any children, good luck with whatever u decide to do
From : echo
On : 2003-08-04
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