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Subject : menstrual problem
Question : I am 21 yrs old. I never had problems with my menstrual flow until this month, or should I say, this week.Today is my 14th day of menstruation and I really dont know what to do to stop it. I dont even know why this is happenning. The last thing I did was on the 7th day of flow I went out with my friends and had some alcohol. The other thing is I took some medicine for cold. Can these be a reason for the bleeding. I m planning to see my doctor but wanted to know first if this thing is normal. I m really afraid. My bleeding is not that much heavy. Please give me some helpful advice on what to do.
Posted by : C.A.
Posted on : 2003-07-12
Reply : You got drunk, and had non protected sex. Now this could be with someone that might have some disease. If I were you, i'd consult a good doc. I am sure things will work out.
From : DEF
On : 2004-02-11
Reply : C.A, This may not be the right place for seeking such advice. You must consult your gynaecologist as soon as possible. Also, if it's of any comfort, I have known quiet a few females who had similar problem but were cured after they consulted their doctor's and took the medicines that they were prescribed. Good luck! ABC.
From : ABC
On : 2003-09-10
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