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Subject : HAIR
Question : I have long hair. I love my hair even though its rough. The problem is that I have lice and lice eggs in my hair. I tried many shampoos and some time oil massage but it didn't work. I want to cut my hair but my parents will not let me do it. I am so worried and afraid to go out in front of people and my class fellows. I never let my hair down. You must be laughing at me. Can anyone help me out please? Don?t tell me any shampoo. Please tell me some thing from the kitchen which I can easily use. I m waiting for your reply.
Posted by : JUHI
Posted on : 2003-07-06
Reply : Hi Juhi, why dont u buy some medicine that you get at the pharmacist to kill lice like licel. It is very effective. Apply it overnite and then brush your hair in the morning and shampoo. If required apply again the following night. This will definately solve your problem.
From : Arpita
On : 2003-09-05
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