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Subject : wierd
Question : hello frnd! today am going to tell u the strangest story ever. and will surely ask for sm response as i need that! There was a girl...who has got many boy friends in her life...and she likes all of them...every single guy sooner or later tried to get closer to her physically...strange thing is that she hates this like anythng wid all of them but she couldnt help it its about kissing or anythng else she did that ... but with so much uncomfortable feeling... she never enjoyed that wid any one....and she realized that she has been never in love... but why not.. was the question always peeped in her mind... her frnds call her abnormal... then she got married....nd she had the same problem wid her hubby...who was unfaithful of its kind hubby...everythng was normal she accepted his unfaithfulness.. but when it comes to intimate realtionship...she wants to die rather than committing this wid him...she took herslef as a big hypocrate as she always in her life betrayed and spoiled herself by letting so many ppl and never felt good for a single time....she talked to so many doctorts and close frnds about that...nothng happened actually....then one fine day while chatting on the net she met a guy whome she njoyed talking.. she took him lightly but goes on chatting wid him...and after one year she felt that she is getting closer wid him and so do the guy felt...there was smthng strange and spritual between them.. they came to know eachother very well.. but she knew that she can never feel for anyone... she decided to meet him...flew to his city...and she likes rather fell in love wid him...again she got closer to him and this time the world seems to change was smthng unique and different from the rest...she spent two days wid him....and now when both of them left each other as there was no other way... she is not able to get him out of her mind for a single second... his kisses... hugs... wasy of touching her hair...everythng...tell me ppl....Is She In Love?
Posted by : Sim
Posted on : 2003-06-13
Reply : I think that ur frd is probably not sure about her own feelings. She's lookin for someone she can trust. Maybe she went out with all of those because she needed someone to care for her. She's probably afraid of hurting anyone, cause she doesn't wanna get hurt herself. She's lookin for someone that can show her that someone actually cares for her feeling and likes her from the inside, not just physically. I think if she feels that she's finally found someone that care for her, she should go for it. What's the point of bein depressed and feelin guilty for the rest of her life. Well, good luck to her! hopefully she'll make the right choice.
From : Esha
On : 2004-06-29
Reply : I think u'r friend needs someone who can undertand her and if this man is that man then yes she is in love. I think she took some wrong turns but now she found the right way..I think she should follow her heart. And if he is the one that is pulling the strings in her heart then she should let loose and be with the man she loves...the man she was ment to be with. I give u'r friend all my love and best of luck...
From : Holly
On : 2003-09-21
Reply : Hey Wierd, whats up? Seems to be a very interesting story. Well, your friend was cheated on by her husband - so there itself she has been realsed of the torture.. If I were you, my question would not be if she is in love or not. I would ask myself will she be happy after leaving her husband. This guy is nice to her, he is the only one who is talking to a married woman. So she is feeling special which the husband doesnot make her feel. in this case if you talk of ethics both ur friend and her hubby have done the wrong thing. So no one can be blamed. But, if she is sure of the other guy and knows that he will sty with her - she can leave her husband or just continue to have her affair on the side. Good luck to u.
From : G M
On : 2003-09-16
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