Subject : International Affairs
Question : Indian Government is not showing firm determination in the relations with its nabour Pakistan. One day Prime Minister says all the conflicts will be resolved by mutual dialouges including Kashmir Dispute and other day he says we do not make any dialouge with Pakistan unless the invasion is stopped What is this ?Serwat
Posted by : Serwat
Posted on : 2003-04-20
Reply : I completely disagree with Sherma's view on Indian governments commitment towards resolution of Kashmir problem.Pakistan always says words but fails to stick on their words.
From : sat
On : 2005-10-31
Reply : I agree with Sherma's views, The government itself doesn't want to end this crisis. Whenevr there seems to be developing peace between two countries, the government itself develops some critical issues and focuses it in a negative way. When i chat with people in pakistan, they are very friendly and also of the same opinion, if the citizens are so open why not the government. Saleem
From : saleem
On : 2004-12-03
Reply : Because the Indian Government is not sincere to its nations and doesnot want peace in this region. The government does not want to resolve the disputes with its neighbours.Sherma
From : Sherma
On : 2003-04-27
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