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Subject : Breech Position
Question : My Ultra Sound report revealed that my baby is in breech position in 32 weeks time, what are the chances of operation in this case or it is not necessary that I will have to go for operation?
Posted by : Rizwana
Posted on : 2003-04-19
Reply : Hi I am a gynec in training try doing yoga exercises for atleast 20 mins. a day this will help in normal and easy delivery. Eat right take rest and be visit your doctor regularly.
From : Sargam
On : 2003-11-24
Reply : most of the time they do come out of that position when its delivery time. try to gently wave your hand over your tummy when you lie down. it can move the baby alittle. and dont worry, in very difficult cases they operate
From : shikha
On : 2003-06-29
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