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Subject : am I?
Question : I just recently had my period, but it wasn't quite as heavy as normal, although not very light either. I do naturally carry a little bit of weight in my adomen, but I seem to feel a lot heavier there lately. I always seem to wake up in the morning with just a little nausea, but I haven't thown up. And I am absolutely exhausted: I just can't seem to catch up on my sleep. And I always seem to feel a little emotional now. My breats are bigger now, but they aren't very sore. What do you think?
Posted by : Talli
Posted on : 2003-04-14
Reply : i think you should go see a doc. it sounds like you are preg. if you are have the best of luck
From : victoria
On : 2004-04-23
Reply : Hi,I feel the same way sometimes.I was recently diagnosed with pcos.I think u should see a doctor before it is too late.
From : Sneha
On : 2003-11-04
Reply : I think u should c a doctor. Its the only way to find out. OR maybe get a pregnacy test and check.
From : Nina
On : 2003-05-11
Reply : Hi, if you think that you are pregnant why dont you go to a doc and confirm it. Your symptoms seem like you are pregnant so my advice will be either to get a pregnancy kit and check it at home or go to a doc immediately.
From : Madhavi Surohi
On : 2003-04-25
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